Scarecrow Patrol
17th May 2015

Scarecrow Patrol is an evolutionary development. It is hand-held and designed for use anywhere that needs accurate and effective bird control – like small airfields, hangars, beaches, landfill sites, public buildings, docks & harbours, agriculture, food storage facilities and outdoor restaurants.

Scarecrow Patrol is fully portable, hand held, and contains nine digitally stored distress calls as detailed overleaf; species options can be included to special order. It is completely self-contained, includes showerproof carrybag with a zipped compartment for spare batteries and is supplied with a comprehensive Operator’s Manual.

Each call is selected by a simple rotary switch; the benefits of a digital storage are uniquely strengthened by the fact that each distress call is reproduced with excellent fidelity from its natural start.

In addition, it can be used as an attention-getting ‘whistle’ and for ‘live’ voice messaging, with a range of up to 350 metres.

It is a development of the original product in use at airports, mimising birdstrike risk to aircraft and passengers for over 20 years, on offshore oil and gas installations, helidecs, and on ships in port, for all of which this product  has long experience.