Why Pest Control?

Why should we be bothered about Pest Control ?

Precisely for the reasons mentioned above ! Plus here are some more very good reasons:

Profit loss – in the commercial world anything that detracts from the sale, delivery or presentation of the perfect product (that may have taken years to perfect) is highly undesirable. Pest Damage and contamination by droppings, dead bodies, cast skins, feathers etc can, and often does lead to returns, complaints, loss of goodwill and potentially the loss of customers. Such instances are very damaging to any businesses ‘bottom line’.

  • Legislation – there are several items of statute that relate to Pests
  • The Food Safety Act 1990 – fines of up to £20,000 and/or 6 months in prison can be imposed under this act (contact us for an email copy of this act)
  • The Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949 – which makes it an offence to knowingly harbour pests
  • The Health and Safety act Work Act. 1974
  • The General Food and Hygiene Regulations 1989
  • Fear – a lot of people are truly afraid of many pests. This can range for the ‘standing on a chair’ scenario whilst a mouse runs around the floor, to the withdrawal of labour in large commercial operations due to pest activity causing discontent in the workforce.

Health and Safety – as pests carry many unpleasant and potentially dangerous strains of bacteria, all of which are capable of causing serious illness in humans and some species of live stock, keeping a home and business premises free of pests really does make good sense.


So why Pest Control and not Eradication ?

We do not believe the claims for long term pest eradication is a reality in the vast majority of premises. Pests are part of nature and will always try to exploit any weakness in a buildings protection in order to gain entry to find its principle survival needs, these being food, water, preferably warmth and secure shelter (harbourage).

Good standards of general hygiene and management of the immediate environment can dramatically reduce the risks associated with pest intrusions; this can be as simple as the removal of all food spillage or the repair of a leaking tap and the blocking of pest access routes.

Regular inspections by our trained staff will spot problems either before they happen or in their infancy, enabling the correct action to be taken by both ourselves and our client, as the best pest control is delivered when there is a joint partnership between contractor and client

Integrated into our environmental services package your pest control services can be delivered at the same time as your washroom services, often saving money up front and saving further in cutting down the number of suppliers that you deal with.


Want to know more ?

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