Independent Pest Control & Hygiene Services

Keeping your home and commercial space pest free and hygienically clean

Independent Pest Control & Hygiene Services Ltd is a pest control company established in 1997.  We offer a wide range of services including wasp, rat, mouse and bird control solutions. Our staff are trained by the British Pest Control Association and have passed the Royal Society For Public Health examinations. We follow the code of conduct set out by the B.P.C.A. We are also Safe Contractor approved. 

Independent Pest Control & Hygiene Services

As with any Emergency Service you know you hope to never need us, but when you need us we will be here for you.  Here are a few of the Pest Control and Eradication Services we provide.

Your Trusted Partner

We are enormously proud of our reputation for Quality, Service and Value. For over 20 years' we have been the trusted partner for our Commercial Clients, Local Councils, the Education Sector, Church Building and of course our Domestic Customers.

All of our services are completed within tight controls and environmentally sensitive.  We are a member of BPCA British Pest Technicians Association, the NPTA National Pest Technicians Association, CHAS Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme, we are also Safe Contractor Approved.

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Pigeons can be a real risk to our health as well as the mess and smell they can cause. We have a range of services to manage or eradicate the pest. We are one of the few professional pest management experts to use Birds of Prey along with Netting.


Cockroaches are peoples most terrifying insect.  It's well known that they spread disease and can be devastating if found in a business environment.  We have tried and tested ways to eradicate the pest and help you manage this in the future.


Ant can be seen during parts of the year and they are normally not considered a pest, that is until they nest in an unsuitable place. As with any pest, eradicating and managing the pest problem takes care and know-how.


Fleas can be picked up easily from things like Pets, Kids, Grass and pretty much anywhere you can think of. Eradicating this pest can be a challenge but with Independent Pest Control on your side we will help you every step of the way.


Rats are often peoples most feared form of pest and can pose a real danger to our health. With over 20 years' experience we are best placed to provide advice and services to manage or eradicate the rats on your domestic or business premises.


Mice along with Rats can cause serious damage to almost any type of building. If there is a safe place to nest and feed, then they can quickly spread. Disease and Destruction are also a by-product some managing this pest is a must.


Bed Bugs, Mites etc. are rarely seen but can cause misery if you have an infestation especially in the home or even worse in a business environment such as a B&B or Hotel. We have the knowledge and Expertise to manage this for you.


Cats can make great pets but if you have a problem with Ferrell Cats being out of control and breading then they can become a serious threat to domesticated animals. We have safe, humane processes to manage the problem in a safe way.


The Grey Squirrel forced out our native Red Squirrel in many areas, since then it has been a significant pest problem for many home owners as they will construct nest within our lofts and roof spaces. We have the expertise to manage this pest.


Flies can been seen everywhere during the summer months, however they can become a really health risk. Here at Independent Pest Control we have everything you need to manage this pest and keep your business premises clean and safe.


Wasps like Bees are important for our ecosystem and nature as a whole, but when they invade our homes or businesses then they can become a risk to our health. We can help by removing the nest and ensuring the property is then safe.


Anywhere you have a build up of waste, you can expect Pests. Rats, Mice, Pigeons and much more can reap havoc, therefore it is important to completely remove any trace of waste to maintain a safe and healthy environment for your home or business.


Independent Pest Control & Hygiene Services

We provide top-quality washroom and work-space hygiene products. You can rely on our staff to help you keep your washroom clean and hygienic. We pride ourselves on providing discreet and efficient services.

Here's what a few of our very satisfied customers have said about us...

Wasp nest removal services provided on 21/06/19 I disturbed a wasp nest in my garden shed on a Friday afternoon so contacted this company via the BCPA approved list. Within 2 hours of call they were out and it was dealt with. The telephone operator was extremely helpful and managed to arrange the appointment at short notice, calling me back straight away. The guy who came out, couldn't have been nicer, not only did he treat the wasp nest and explain to me the process simply, he gave me lots of facts and information about how the nest is formed and grows - was really interesting and put me at ease. The guy who came out had finished for the day when he was diverted to my home, but you could see he really wanted to help and he would be a credit to anywhere he worked. Great company, hopefully I wont need to use them again, but would highly recommend.

Nathan Renison via our Website

Helpful people to speak to on the phone. Prompt and efficient service, wasp nest dealt with no fuss and almost immediate result. Very competitive price for a full professional service with back up guaranteed for peace of mind. Everyone i dealt with including Chris who came out to the house was friendly and helpful. Very glad that i chose this company, would highly recommend them.

Robyn Brown via Facebook

Fantastic service and very competitive prices. Thank you for your quick service you were great

Jodie Jackson via Facebook

Great company and excellent service highly recommend them

HR Law via Facebook

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